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Sydney Modernists

The purpose of this project is to explore and celebrate the work of the early Modernists and especially those that operated in Sydney.

So who were they? These are just some of the few that I will be hunting down and exploring.

The modernists
Sydney Ancher
Arthur Baldwinson
Harry Seidler
Hugh Buhrich
Walter Bunning
Henry Epstein
Hugo Stossel
Oser and Fombertaux
George Reeves
Stan Symonds

If you are Sydney based and want to participate or help in any way just drop me an email at


Les Fantomes Du Mordernisme
The Ghosts of Mordernism

Welcome to my new project Les Fantomes Du Mordernisme

In this day of generic design and stylised design the pure simplicity of the early of modernists strikes a chord with the many bored with derived corporate feel of today. The aim of the bog is to discover, capture and discuss the early day of “modern” around the world. A place to celebrate the “machine for living”